Witness As A Producer From The Soup Gets Transformed Into Courtney Stodden

Who knew makeup artists had such great stories? Mathias Alan, who’s worked on E!’s The Soup for five years, recently blogged on Beauty Etc. about how he transformed E! Networks producer Kelly Levy into child bride Courtney Stodden for a gag on the show.

Even though this blog post is from a makeup artist’s point of view, it’s really accessible because he gets how outrageous Courtney is. So while you and I may not care about which brand of lipliner Mathias used, his descriptions of the makeup’s effects – ”the Courtney Stodden 1980s glam-eye” and “over-the-top, Dynasty drag” — are top-notch.

The final product is incredibly authentic and equally mortifying: Mathias had to use two sets of fake eyelashes and two tracks of blond hair extensions. (He noted that he had to help Kelly get her mic on, because her fake hair kept getting tangled with the other wires.)

Here’s Kelly strutting her stuff for the second time—and bear in mind, this was shot at 9 a.m. the day that the episode was aired! We’re betting that afterwards Kelly wiped off all her greasy makeup and took a well-deserved bath.

And you know what? Courtney approves! The first time The Soup brought out their doppelganger, she tweeted, Sending all of my exotic love & sexual gratitude to the actress who portrayed me on The Soup last night on E! That sounds more like a threat than a thank-you, but for Joel McHale and co, that’s a badge of honor.

You know which imitation we can’t wait to see? Kelly returning as Courtney, with Joel as her creepy older husband Doug Hutchison!

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