Questionable Choices: Lady Gaga Wears A Hat Made Of Hair

Look, I know it’s redundant to even pretend to be shocked by anything Lady Gaga does at this point, and I’m not saying I’m surprised or offended or anything — just that I find this hat made out of hair really super gross. It causes a physical reaction inside the stomach part of my body that’s making me regret finishing off that bowl of noodles.

I mean, hair is kind of disgusting, right? You’ll send your plate back if it arrives with a strand from the chef’s head, so why wouldn’t this hat — ten thousand times hairier than that pasta — be any different? Plus, the thing just makes her look like a Snooki tribute, which is probably the last thing Gaga wants to project.

LG was snapped in this questionable ensemble outside her London hotel yesterday evening. It also appears she forgot her pants — so maybe the hat was supposed to be a distraction.

(via JustJared)

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