• Thu, Oct 6 2011

How Much Of Jared Leto’s Wardrobe Could We Find At Hot Topic?

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  • Jamie Peck

    What makes this even more ridiculous is you know he paid like $1,000 each for designer versions of all that Hot Topic clubwear.

  • Bart

    I didn’t know that Hot Topic had a boy sizes!

    Notice how many of those photos are advertised by a woman?

    I wish he’d go back to the old days where he wore complete outfits. I’m tired of him flashing off his man nipples!

  • wtf

    this is fucking pointless. shut the fuck up and leave him alone! thanks and bye!

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  • Heather

    none of his clothes looked half as trashy as the hot topic versions

    and whatever his ridiculous talent and looks makes up for any poor fashion choice he makes