How Much Of Jared Leto’s Wardrobe Could We Find At Hot Topic?

Oh, Jared Leto, you’re such an iconoclast with your badass skull t-shirts and your fingerless gloves. Wherever do you find such unique and subversive artifacts? Could it be at the teen clothier chain Hot Topic? We were curios how much of Jared’s wardrobe we could find close approximations of at the HT online store, and the answered turned out the be, “All of it.”

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    • Jamie Peck

      What makes this even more ridiculous is you know he paid like $1,000 each for designer versions of all that Hot Topic clubwear.

    • Bart

      I didn’t know that Hot Topic had a boy sizes!

      Notice how many of those photos are advertised by a woman?

      I wish he’d go back to the old days where he wore complete outfits. I’m tired of him flashing off his man nipples!

    • wtf

      this is fucking pointless. shut the fuck up and leave him alone! thanks and bye!

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    • Heather

      none of his clothes looked half as trashy as the hot topic versions

      and whatever his ridiculous talent and looks makes up for any poor fashion choice he makes