Anna Faris’ Husband Chris Pratt Gave Away Their Cat (Plus A Secret) Via Twitter

Between Penn Badgley‘s protest appearance and this, is it safe to assume that every actor who’s known for playing a certain character is pretty much just playing himself? Because Parks and Recreation‘s Chris Pratt just did a very Andy Dwyer thing.

That Andy Dwyer thing was this: he gave away his (and wife Anna Faris‘) cat via twitter, and then when people got mad at him, he grew incredibly pissy, as well as revealing his and Anna’s plans to “start a family.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Pratt wrote, “anyone in the LA area want a cat? full disclosure, she’s old and prone to accidents. So sweet though. And was in Stuart Little. (literally)” A bunch of people then informed him that that’s not the smartest way to go about re-homing a cat, and some were not very nice about it. In a response posted on his blog (also since deleted!) he doubled down that yes, this was, in fact, an excellent idea, and also that anyone who has a problem with it is a lonely, childless, cat-loving loser, and did he mention his wife and him are trying to have a baby?

Bottom line, and not that this is any of your fucking business weirdos, but my wife and I want to start a family and we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have an animal that shits all over the house. Sorry. If you are a parent you will understand. And if not, that probably explains why you have such a hard on for cats. Just sayin’.

In one paragraph, he managed to be a huge hypocrite (didn’t he make it people’s business when he put it on his public twitter?), dig his hole deeper by lashing out at anyone who thinks you shouldn’t give a cat away like that, and ensure that the paps will publish “baby bump” speculations whenever his wife eats a big lunch from now on. And if the people who follow him online are a bunch of weirdos, why does he think it’s a wise idea to offer up his cat to them? Basically, he’s being a lovable bonehead like Andy, only without the “lovable” part. Bummer.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t re-home a cat if you don’t think you can care for it anymore, but the online equivalent of putting it out on the street with a “free cat” sign is probably not the best way to go about it. Also, anecdotally, when my friend’s parents’ cat grew old and incontinent, they built her a pen with a few different levels, the bottom of which was a big litter box. That way, she got to live out the rest of her days at home with her family, but they didn’t have to constantly clean up accidents. But it doesn’t sound like Chris Pratt is quite so attached to this wretched creature as that. Nor is Anna Faris, I imagine. She is not blameless here!

(Via Gawker)

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    • Disgusted

      People who can’t care for a pet for its entire life should Not be allowed to have children. Wait until they see how much the kid shits all over. And i have two 15 year old dalmatians and two small kids. What a douche.

    • Elaina

      yeah what a couple of creeps…we have had 7 cats all came as strays
      and lived out their lives for over 10 years with us eventually going through
      cancer, kidney failure etc. We adored them all theyre so precious.
      You take the good with the bad. I let my old cat live out her life with us and she died 2011 and had been messing non stop for some days. We decreed she would die with us at her side. She was part of the family and deserved our love. Do the lowlifes think an animal is part of the furniture????? I always had kids around animals but I taught them to dearly love and care for animals.