Art Crush: The Best Zooey Deschanel Fan Art

I tried my hardest to give a chance, but I just can’t watch FOX’s New Girl. To me, it’s nothing but archetypal characters, predictable plotlines and jokes you can see coming a mile a way. But it seems America disagrees with my assessment — the show’s ratings are terrific, and I imagine that has a lot to do with star Zooey Deschanel, that manic pixie dream girl extraordinaire. I understand that Zooey’s very pretty and super quirky, but what’s the wider appeal of this actress that can suck in audiences by the millions and keep them there for half an hour? Well, who better to look for answers from than the fans themselves? Here’s a gallery of fan art I think may explain some of Zooey’s magical pull with boys and girls alike.

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    • Jamie Peck

      LOL you hate her so much.

    • TAmi

      I love your new show and I hope it does another season. Your Awsome and I love your siste