Only Twilight Could Inspire Tie-In Hair Products

One of the funniest parts of the Twilight movies is the bad hair, from Robert Pattinson‘s unwashed copper monstrosity to Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene‘s unfortunate wigs. But promotions for the second-to-last film, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, have officially crossed a line. Washington Post Fiction Editor Ron Charles was in Best Buy when he noticed this display from PRO Beauty Tools: You can pick up five different “Sparkle Ceramic” tools that were all used on the set.

Here’s the breakdown: Ceramic Ionic Dryer, Ionic Steam Hairsetter (Bella), Ceramic Flat Iron (Alice/Esme), Ceramic Detailer (Edward), etc. PRO has uploaded demonstration videos for each tool, with tips on how to get Bella’s curls, Edward’s signature look, and more; you can check those out here.

You can also find the Twilight-themed haircare at Walmart, Target, and other stores.

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