Questionable Choices: Kristen Stewarts British GQ Cover Is Odd

There’s something weird going on with Kristen Stewart‘s British GQ cover, and I think it’s that Kristen’s sporting a bedtime look in an outdoor setting. Kristen’s ensemble appears more sexy underthings than bikini, and it took me a couple glances to realize her hair’s supposed to be wet — to me, the connotation is “Boardwalk Empire theme party.”

GQ Isn’t Kristen’s only new cover; she also appears on this month’s Glamour. As Jezebel pointed out, Kristen’s vamped up for the men’s magazine and made to look friendly and accessible for her women’s mag shoot.

Surprise! Kristen looks miserable in both photos. You’ve got to wonder why the hell she does this stuff if it makes her so damn unhappy. Yeah, yeah… contracts, money, publicity, etc., but does it really help sell magazines to put an unsmiling, uncomfortable looking woman on the cover — no matter who she may be?

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    • Sue Henderson

      LMAO You are kidding right..You honestly think she looks miserable on both magazine covers. Seriously the only thing I see that is miserable is your opinion which is obviously filled with your dislike for Kristen Stewart. I suggest that you try getting the green eyed monster out of your eyes and you will see things more clearly. Let’s see the GQ and Glamour issue that has your picture on it and then we’ll compare. LOL

    • Judy Green

      I see Kristen as calm, relaxed, very comfortable with herself and very very sexy. The syling of each magazine is very different but they both are drop dead gorgeous. Glamour looks like a modern Kristen. GQ looks like a classic Hollywood Kirsten. She can do either beautifully. The style, the vibe, the whole look and aura. And I guarentee you that these covers will be selling magazines…lots and lots of them, until they are sold out, back ordered and can no longer be found.