Rapper Martyn Claims He Had A Gay Affair With Chris Brown

Forget the Game/50 Cent feud—the newest gay accusation comes from Martyn, a rapper who claims he had sex with Chris Brown. It all started on Wednesday, when several gossip sites released leaked Twitter DMs (direct messages) between Martyn and Chris. You can check out the whole conversation here, but these are the relevant parts (read bottom to top):

Immediately people flocked to Martyn’s Twitter, many claiming the conversations were fake and citing the Photoshop tool displayed on the navigation bar in the screenshots. Over the past 48 hours, Martyn’s been talking back-and-forth with his fans, and what he has to say isn’t what we expected: Some of the messages in the exchange were added to make it more dramatic, but yes, he did hook up with Chris Brown.

Of the many tweets, we’ve picked out the ones that best summarize Martyn’s side of the story:

@IzzyZolanskii @chrisbrown @treysongz I’ll confirm it. It’s all over the web. And twitter.

@trailmixmonster we fcked…had a fall out…assistant leaked shit…added shit…and now all over the net

@straythenmad sure man am ready for interviews and will be revealing a lot. @chrisbrown maybe you should speak up now n say something.

@StansRUS ain’t no need to lie…last time I checked Chris brown is a non factor in ma life sorry to disappoint u :)

@_LeaaaaahFenty He should speak up and help put this to rest finally once n for all…hopefully without lying

The only reaction Chris has given was this rather eccentric tweet from a few hours ago:

Music drowns out the noise! Focus drowns out the ignorant!

We’re not entirely convinced that Martyn’s telling the truth; after all, you have to note that the more famous member involved here is keeping mum, and the (by comparison) amateur is the one who’s only too happy to give interviews. Then again, Chris obviously stands to lose a lot more from this. But the longer he stays silent, the easier it is for people to believe Martyn wholeheartedly.

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    • Fiasco

      FAKE. That Martyn guy made his account a few days ago and Chris doesn’t even follow him. Irrelevant people seem to like using Chris to get a blog post.

    • teamm breezyy

      first of chis aintt gayy second of all y would hee fqkk guysz if hee can gett any gurl hee wantsz…..third of it aint any of yo buissness soo fett thee fqk out hisz buissness…..

      • justin

        learn how to spell first.

      • courtney nicole

        just because he could get any girl he wants doesn’t make him not gay. a lot of gay guys could get any girl they want. they’re still gay. it’s not just like “i would rather fuck a dude, even though all these girls are throwin’ themselves at me.” smh

    • star

      That retard Martyn guy is seriously a no body? He’s just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame, and he’s doing that with the guy that’s mostly in the spotlight and that’s chris brown.. Martyn has no life and that twitter account is fake chris brown already responded that its all photoshopped and that guy is an idiot and he deserves what’s coming to him….

    • Nicole

      Am I being punked!!!??? This guy is hilarious> ROTLMAO- He is starving for music attention!!!! Bring your attention to the first “so called” DM – He mentions convo about a contract then he ends it with a shout out to his “website” WT???!!!!! – An easy way to FAME.. C’mon people!!!!! People!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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    • kathy

      Hahahas Thats Bullshit,and that aint the real chris casue he’s virtified and theres no blue tick next to his name so it aint him:P

      • Crusty

        Kathy, I am confused.
        Vitrified (Vitrification) To change to a glassy state. Fusing of high-level waste into glass-like blocks. The process by which waste is transformed from a liquid or sludge into an immobile solid that traps radionuclide and prevents waste from contaminating soil, ground water and surface water. Bricks or tiles fired to a darkened glassy surface.

    • Jaki

      So this wannabe made a twitter account on September 13 and Chris just happen to sit and go back and forth with this nobody. Lord where are the real Journalist, Matt Lauer, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer etc. oh, their reporting true media. Isn’t it strange that even the lowlife’s mto, tmz, sandra rose, perez hilton haven’t even comment on this crap and why… because even their dumb butt’s no it’s not true… I wonder why this Martyn person hasn’t been on twitter since September 29, oh yes that’s right Chris Brown said he was going to let his lawyer handle it…. Blogger’s didn’t go to School of Journalism if they did they would know that it stresses academic rigor ethics, journalistic inquiry and professional practice… something bloggers know nothing about.

    • SandeePB

      NOT TRUE AT ALL!!! I am so sick and tired of so many haters trying to make my star, Chris Brown look like a complete idiot. It isn’t happening in this life time. Chris Brown is a well rounded TRUE ARTIST with charisma like no other. My gay radar says HELL NO NOT TRUE. and if it is It’s nobody’s business and if it isn’t then it just shows how low people will put themselves to make this young man look bad. Get a life people. I hope Chris Brown sues the crap out of everyone who is slandering his reputation. He’s a good man. Let him be!

    • Darrell

      Sometimes I’m ashamed to be black didn’t we fight for our rights and complain that the n word was offensive and racist. I’m disgraced to be black these days when even for fame you still manage to insult your entire culture and men that fought for your right to be in your spot and to also see that humans are incapable of finishing a word without butchering the word just as much as stupid names name like shaquisha….It is absolutely amazing to see we fought for our rights to only disgrace and pee right on it. This story is probally fake and even if it isn’t shame on ths guy to out him. What is ths world coming o.

    • Steven

      Forreal? This Martyn guy is a bitch. If you were a true CB fan, listened to all his albums and all his mixtapes, or anything you’d know he’s not gay. Seriously. This bitch is just tryna get fame. Go listen to the songs off of Boy In Detention or In My Zone and tell me he’s gay. ;)

    • WhoCares

      Do you people not have anything better to do than to get into these people’s business? So what if these men are Gay or Bi or Straight? WhoCares? Let these people be for God sake! The Internet, Social Media, and Cell phones have FOSTERED genuine NIGHTMARES for countless of people; UNFORTUNATE!

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