5 Facts About Lindsay Lohan’s New Man, Philipp Plein

Lindsay Lohan has a new beau, maybe!  The starlet was recently snapped getting all kissy with fashion designer Philipp Plein. So, what does this guy have going on other than a whole bunch of “P’s”? Here are five things to know about Philipp.

1. Philipp is German. He was born in Munich in 1978, which makes him 33-years-old. His middle name is Patrick — so throw one more “P” in there.

2. Philipp’s design career is doing pretty well. In 2007, GQ gave him the National Brand of the Year award, and he’s appeared on Germany’s Next Top Model.

3. He has his own Barbie doll. Like, not just one that he owns, but one he designed, for Barbie’s 50th anniversary. The doll wears a luxurious rhinestone-encrusted gown.

4. Philipp works under his own eponymous label, and Lindsay is that brand’s new face. Linds recently shot a campaign for the clothing line, showing off bright orange hot pants and poofy white dresses:

5. His reps and Lindsay’s reps both deny that the two are an item, although all that photographic evidence suggests otherwise. Hey, if it keeps Lindsay from making out with her mom, then it’s all good with us.


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