Since When Does Justin Bieber Have A Three-Year-Old Sister, And Why Is She On Twitter?

Let’s lay out the ridiculous facts of this story:

1. Justin Bieber has a little sister. Did we know this? (Obviously she’s his half-sister, but surprisingly she’s from his douchey dad Jeremy Bieber‘s side of the family.)

2. Her name is Jazmyn. Really, Jeremy?

3. She has a Twitter page: @JazzyKBiebz.

It’s likely that Justin set up Jazmyn’s Twitter page as a cute older-brother gesture, especially since he was the one who tweeted on Tuesday, Follow @jazzykbiebz my Lil sister and watch for her first tweet.

125,800 followers later, that tweet hasn’t appeared, probably because “Jazzy” can barely speak in real life, let alone type out a fully-formed thought about her Cheerios.

But no, it’s still pretty cute. It’s good to see Justin dote on his little sis the way an older brother should, and not blow her or his dad’s family off even though he’s the richest 17-year-old there is. And it’ll be sweet once she’s old enough to use Twitter (so, like, eight) and she’ll have all these built-in followers. Assuming, of course, that the Biebs is still famous enough when he’s in his mid-twenties that people will follow his little sister.


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    • talitha

      ahhh she is so so so so cute

    • soukaina

      hi justin bieber I’m soukaina I’m from marocco ilove you so matsh