Gene Simmons Will Try His Best Not To Cheat On Shannon Tweed Once They’re Married

After dating her for 28 years and raising two kids with her, 62-year-old KISS bassist Gene Simmons has finally decided he’s ready for the commitment of marrying longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed. But there’s one thing he’s still not quite sure he’s ready to give up.

“He doesn’t promise to be faithful to me,” his 54-year-old former Playboy Playmate fiancé told Entertainment Tonight last night. To which he replied, “I will do my best. We’re going to have to wait.” “I know you had some fantasy about an open marriage or something,” continued Shannon. “It’s not really going to come true.”

Excuse me, but what? One would think that after 28 years of being together, those two crazy kids would’ve figured out the ground rules of their relationship. Call me crazy, but if I wanted to be able to sex other people and my partner wanted to be monogamous, I would probably take a long, hard look at whether or not I wanted to be in a relationship with that person, married or not.
I commend Gene Simmons for being honest about his tendencies towards non-monogamy, but why would he want to be in a relationship with someone he knows he is constantly hurting? Furthermore, why would Shannon Tweed want to put up with him doing things she intensely dislikes? Maybe she’s bowing to societal pressures to pretend like she wants monogamy; after all, look at the gross way people jumped on her when Monique talked about her open-ish marriage. Or maybe she really doesn’t like it, but is putting up with it because she wants to be married to Gene Simmons more than she wants her husband to not cheat on her. In any case, I hope this marriage is not the kiss of death for their relationship, because I enjoy watching them on Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels.
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    • JessNY

      I don’t know if California has a common law marriage law (some states no longer have common law anymore) but if they were legally married I imagine Shannon would be entitled to major benefits after a divorce. Now, half of what is his is legally hers and if he starts cheating again she has an air tight reason for divorce instead of just a “break up”.

      By watching their show it’s obvious she loves him with all her heart but I can also tell his infidelity is tearing her apart inside. I hope when he can’t keep it in his pants she gets what she deserves, which is HALF of all his assets and one less ASS in her life!

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