This Is The First Time Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Have Been Photographed As A Couple By Their Own Consent

In a weird backwards way, I didn’t believe that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were dating until these photos surfaced. The whole time I figured that Justin just happened to run into Jen on the street, or at least that her people paid him to make her not look like a miserable cat lady. Only now that they’ve “outed” themselves with a Terry Richardson photo shoot do I feel the compulsion to congratulate them/be jealous since Justin Theroux’s a cutie. Backwards, I know.

Surprising, though, that they’ve been allegedly dating since late May, yet only now are they official-official. If you want to split hairs, there was one other time in June with Uncle Terry, but these looked more like candids from a club than anything else:

[Terry's Diary via The Berry]

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    • Jan

      What are you talking about? You’re saying it’s the first time they’ve agreed to be photographed together even though it’s not true at all, and you even mention that it’s not the first time at the end of your article. If you have nothing to write, please just put the pictures!