Parenting Lessons from Teen Mom: Dr. Drew’s Only Purpose In Life Is To Make You Cry

You guys. Last night was only PART ONE of the “Check-Up with Dr. Drew” finale special. That’s right: There’s a WHOLE NOTHER EPISODE to look forward to next week. Who does Part One deal with? And how quickly does Dr. Drew get them crying? Read on to find out!

As always, Dr. Drew kicks off the night with all four moms in the room. By way of introduction, he asks them whether people respond to them differently in the world since the show. For all them, the answer is yes, but exactly what those responses are differs for each: Maci tells of women coming up to her and saying that if it wasn’t for the show, they would never have been able to talk to their teenagers about sex and pregnancy. Amber says she gets a lot of negativity (which surprises no one). Farrah has found support among the larger teen mom community. And Catelynn? Catelynn, of course, has had loads of people talk to her about choosing adoption. In fact, she’s become a support line for girls who are also choosing adoption. She says she loves helping other girls through the same thing she went through. Good for her!

Then, of course, comes the recap of the entire season. We see footage of Farrah’s issues with Derek’s mom as well as her own mom, Maci (and Kyle) moving to Chattanooga and dealing with Ryan, Amber and Gary alternately fighting and in therapy (go Team Shawn!), Catelynn and Tyler’s communication problems, and so on and so forth. There’s some small talk following the footage—Catelynn’s response to the clips (“Intense!”), a brief discussion of why Bentley still has his pacifier—But get ready, girls. Dr. Drew is in the house. And he will make you CRY YOUR EYES OUT. Because that’s what he does.

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