The Hunger Games: Unlock Gale’s Panem October Profile Exclusively On Crushable

Remember Panem October, the fan-made campaign set in the world of The Hunger Games? They had just started to send out mysterious messages a few months ago when Lionsgate shut them down. Now they’re back, and stronger than ever with an interactive online community that’s similar to Pottermore: While waiting for the first movie, you get to explore the world of Suzanne Collins‘ books and even “friend” the characters! The new Panem October will be unlocked on October 1 (the screenshot below is a preview of the site), but in the meantime they’ve been releasing a new familiar character each day on different Hunger Games fan sites.

It all started at last week, when Panem October’s Head Gamemaker Rowan explained how the fan-run game works: Can you talk about the degree of interactivity? Will the users be able to affect this world?

Rowan: Hmm, President Snow is very clear on ensuring we do not give details, but I think I can answer this if I do so carefully. October 1st will be the beginning of Panem October, but not the Reaping, or the Games. We want the citizens to feel comfortable with the features and get used to moving around Panem October before the Games begin. Throughout the course of the experience, the majority of time will be focused on the Games themselves, which come soon afterwards. The citizens are going to be living residents of the districts while the Games are going on and our goal is to make them feel what it would actually be like living there. Their activity and district collaboration with each other will influence how the players in the Games succeed, or fail. Their direct actions will result in a Tribute’s life or death, because it will be their responsibility to keep their district’s Tribute alive – you can almost say that each citizen has the opportunity to act as the Tribute’s mentor. How about social media? How much of this effort will rely on Facebook and Twitter?

Rowan: The plan is to use social networks to allow users to personally connect with characters that we develop throughout the storyline of Panem October. That’s all I can say about that. Overall, what are your hopes for Panem October? What would you ultimately like to achieve?

Rowan: Our overall goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for the fans as they await the release of the Hunger Games film.

Now we’ve got the next piece of the Panem October puzzle that, if used right, has the power to take you further into the world of Panem. Below you’ll find a brand new Panem Identification Card. Think of it as a trading card, but 21st-century style. You need access to a QR reader on your phone. Simply search for “QR” in your app marketplace and you’ll find a free application that allows you to scan these codes. Once you have that capability, get started!

Every time an ID card is scanned, the Capitol is informed that that individual is present and accounted for, and is doing their duty to the Capitol by keeping the authority informed. By scanning another individual’s ID Card, you will be brought to his/her Panem October profile page and have the option to add him/her as a friend.

As the Capitol values noble citizens, those who have their ID scanned by others frequently will receive additional items and special opportunities later in the game. All users will each get their own Panem ID card when the game begins October 1st.

Why not start by scanning the ID to your right? Who doesn’t want to be friends with Gale?

(Even if you don’t have the ability to scan, you can still access Gale’s profile here. Also, make sure to follow along on his Facebook and Twitter pages.)

If you haven’t yet had a chance to scan any of the previous seven ID cards, you can access them at the following sites:

Katniss -
Peeta -
Effie - Hunger Games Examiner
President Snow - Down with the Capitol
Foxface - The Hob
Haymitch and Buttercup – HG Fireside Chat

Don’t worry; the fun doesn’t end here. Additional character IDs will be popping up all over the fandom! Keep an eye on your favorite Hunger Games websites for additional ID cards leading up to the beginning of Panem October on October 1st.

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