Demi Lovato’s Devoted Fan Got A Scary Tattoo Of Her Face

There’s a big difference between tasteful tattoos and getting the face and torso of a beloved celebrity forever seared into your flesh. But apparently a heart wasn’t enough for this fan (we think it’s a guy), who had a portrait of Demi Lovato inked on his… calf? Underarm?

The photo’s been making the rounds on Tumblr (we caught it on BuzzFeed), but so far no one has stepped forward to actually claim the body art or tell us more about his love for Demi. Was it because of the rehab and her new single “Skyscraper,” or has this guy been a dedicated follower since Camp Rock?

The tat must be fairly fresh, since we’re pretty sure the Demi on it matches the singer/actress’ boobtastic outfit at the MTV VMAs last month. See—the dots are the sparkles on her silvery dress. But we’re blanking on the red heart necklace dangling from her fingers. Demi fans, can you shed any light on that?

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