5 Facts About Delta Goodrem, Nick Jonas’ Older Woman Girlfriend

Nick Jonas has nabbed himself a hot older girlfriend in Australian singer/actress Delta Goodrem. The two have been dating since May of this year, and were recently snapped acting all cuddly on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nick’s 19 and Delta is nearly 27 — which is a pretty big age difference, especially for the younger man/older woman arrangement. So who is Delta? Here are five facts about Nick’s lady:

1. Delta’s a superstar in her own right in her home country of Australia. The singer, whose music can be classified as poppy adult contemporary, has eight number-one singles and three number-one albums to her name.

2. Delta has battled cancer. At the age of 18, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which attacks the body’s immune system.

3. She actually rose to fame via her acting career. Delta starred on the Australian soap opera Neighbours (that’s Neighbors for you Americans) in 2002.

4. Delta was previously engaged to Westlife singer Brian McFadden, and began dating Nick just two months after their announced their split. Prior to Brian, Delta dated tennis star Mark Philippoussis, who was by her side during her cancer battle.

5. Delta often performs barefoot! That sounds dangerous and also hippie-ish.

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    • nickstan

      They have been dating since March of this year, not May. They got together before Delta and Brian announced their breakup.

    • Lindy

      That was the rumor in Australia. That her co worker (Nick) broke them up. That rumor was from the end of March before anyone knew about their relationship. I know she’s younger in the video, but it doesn’t even look like the same person Her body looks the same but her face is so different now.

    • =)

      and a washed up austrailian wannabe who wants fame! yup. yup. totally she’s def not looking for fame because she’s a wanna be. wow.

    • sara

      Haters are ridiculous!
      They’re a beautiful couple. No one cheated on no one and Delta doesn’t need Nick.Her album hasn’t a realease date yet so they have nothing to promote!
      They’re happy together, why it’s hard to understand? -_-

    • mia

      Delta is a very sweet girl.I’m truly happy for her and Nick!

    • Bob Morein

      Your “facts” are wrong. Delta’s #1 singles are on the “Aussie artist” chart. Even Australians don’t listen to this crap – you can get #1 with about 20 sales. Delta has been obsessed with landing a mealticket, as she’s well aware she’s a talentless has-been. Many in Australia were shocked she would use her (very minor type of cancer) to promote her career. Her 15 minutes are up. Too bad for Nick.

      • Jessica

        Wow what an outstanding human being you are. Her cancer may not be the type that often kills people but as an 18 year old, feeling sick for a year and a half and losing your hair isn’t exactly a minor event. And how are the “facts” wrong? The article didn’t say she had a world number 1 album and America isn’t the only place that has an album sitting at number 1. Her first album sold 4.5 million copies (1.2 million in Aus), so clearly Australians do listen to it, it also hit number 2 in the U.K. Sure her career seems passed but in her prime she was massive.

    • MOL

      She is not going to make it in the US. Her music is just not interesting enough. She was on Dancing With the Stars and people STILL didn’t notice her. Plus she never works. Barely ever sings ANYWHERE or works on music. All she does is follow this little guy around having her photo taken.

    • JustBeingHonest

      I think Delta is just dating Nick for rebound from her previous engagement. And how can Nick resist she a beautiful older woman, I just hope Delta doesn’t hurt him. The age difference is a bit broad considering Nick’s still a teen and Delta is almost 30…so I guess all i’m saying is I don’t think it’ll last.

    • Kathleen Alice

      I really do like Delta, I really do but I do have a sickness about this relationship that it is a bit of a rebound…Just a little odd. She is a very nice girl and very strong, but it’s just a tad off for me.

    • Kathy

      Their age difference makes me a little uncomfortable, but would we all be reacting this way if Nick was older than her? It does seem that they started dating very soon after her engagement break-up. The fact that they are a sort of different couple, probably means there is something special between them beyond the norm. I just don’t want Nick to get hurt, and not knowing where Delta stands on faith & abstainence issues, to go against his promise to God. I’ve always thought Nick was a very spiritual person. Perhaps we should trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt, but as an older fan with life experience, it worries me a bit.

    • CatC

      How in the world did this smallish teenager go from pretty little teens like Miley Cyrus and others, to this? Some 27 year olds could pass for a teen, but Delta’s not one of them. She’s pretty but looks over 30. Quite a large woman, too, compared to him. Not really seeing this maturity thing everyone says this kid has. Quiet. Serious. That doesn’t always translate to mature.