Katie Holmes Will Play How I Met Your Mother‘s Slutty Pumpkin!

Last season, How I Met Your Mother‘s guest stars were pretty hit-or-miss: John Lithgow was aces as Barney’s dad, but Katy Perry‘s part could’ve been done by anyone. But we’re so psyched about the latest person to join the cast: Katie Holmes, playing Ted’s elusive crush, the Slutty Pumpkin, who we heard about (but never saw) back in season 1.

A refresher: In a parody of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!, Ted (Josh Radnor) waits at Halloween parties every year, dressed in his hanging chad costume, for the girl wearing a pumpkin with strategically-carved holes. All he knows about her is that she studies penguins and makes a drink out of root beer and Kahlua called The Tootsie Roll.

Until now, this is all we’ve seen:

But now we’ll get to actually meet the girl who captured Ted’s heart. But considering that he meets The Mother at Barney’s wedding, Katie probably isn’t his be-all end-all. Still, we’re really excited to see her in a comedic role; it’s been way too long!

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