Did ‘The X-Factor’ Intentionally Obscure Stacy Francis’ Past Success As A Singer?

Everyone is talking today about Stacy Francis, the 42-year-old single mother who wowed the judges on The X-Factor last night with her passionate rendition of Aretha Franklin‘s Natural Woman. And rightfully so! She did a great job (even if she was flat at times). However, after doing a bit of research on her, I found out the show was somewhat misleading in presenting her as a struggling single mother who sings only after her kids go to sleep at night. Stacy Francis has already had quite a bit of success in the music business, getting signed to a major label in the nineties and starring in several Broadway and West End (as in, London’s Broadway) musical theater productions. She has yet to attain mega-fame, it’s true, but she’s hardly in danger of dying, as she said last night, “with this music in me.”

In the early nineties, Francis was part of an R&B group called Ex-Girlfriend that was signed to Reprise Records. They put out two albums before disbanding in 1994; their biggest hit was “X Marks The Spot,” which performed well on both the R&B and Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. Since then, Stacy has worked frequently as a singer and actress, appearing in Broadway, West End, and regional theater productions, as well as various movies and TV shows. She booked her first Broadway show in 1997. As recently as a few years ago, she could be seen performing the Jennifer Hudson role in San Diego Musical Theatre‘s production of Dreamgirls.

Additionally, Francis is involved with the Church of Scientology and seems to have made some connections through that. Here’s a video of her performing at Tom Cruise‘s birthday party three years ago:

Tom and David’s big night out from Tom and David on Vimeo.

Discussing Stacy’s recent divorce and current appearance on The X-Factor, members of a messageboard for ex-Scientologists speculated that Scientology played a role in her divorce. (We know it’s recent because she and her husband were still married when their first son was born.) “Looks like her marriage ended, and I cant help but wonder if that is due to the church. I dont think her husband the dentist was all that into Scientology,” writes one person. It wouldn’t be the first marriage Scientology has broken up. Another person admits that Scientology may have helped Stacy gain confidence: “When you think you are an immortal spiritual being with super powers who can bend time and space with your postulates it does give you confidence. And that delusion is probably most helpful for a performer.”

None of this should discredit Stacy’s performance in the competition. If anything, the fact that someone could find steady work as a performer for so many years and still never break through to major label success shows just how hard it is to chase that dream. It also shows that she’s a person who takes initiative and goes after the things she wants, rather than some cowering abused woman held hostage for a decade by her baby daddy, a woman who just happened to miraculously find the strength to enter a singing competition at age 42, at which point an enormous voice came out of her as if by magic. But I guess it pulls on people’s heartstrings more to stick to the imaginary narrative?

On that token, I find it somewhat irresponsible how the show played on stereotypes about black unwed mothers; she refers to her ex-husband as “someone she met” and makes it sound like she’s raising her kids completely on her own. In reality, the man she was married to until recently runs a thriving dental practice and appears to be engaged with his children, at least in this Youtube video of him I found:

Again, he may very well have been a shitty husband who told her she’d never succeed in the music business, but why make it sound worse than it is? I think it does a disservice to Stacy Francis to distort and manipulate her life story in this way when the real story is plenty compelling on its own.

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    • maura johnston

      the x factor already has its own carly hennessy/smithson!

    • Amanda

      Rich handsome men can fall in love with fat ugly women. It probably doesn’t happen often, however. We live in a society that places a great deal of emphasis on looks. Society tells us we should scorn and reject anyone who doesn’t fit a certain standard. So it takes very brave men and women to be able to look beyond a person’s exterior and get involved in a relationship with someone that the rest of society considers beneath them.On sugarbabymeet.c0m,you could found that everything is possible.Everyone can own love, It’s possible for a man to like a woman for who she is rather than for how she looks.

    • truthtella

      Stacy Francis is a FRAUD. She left her husband to audition for X-Factor. Last year she auditioned for that Gospel singing program and lost.

      She acts like she is a POOR struggling single mother of two but in reality, Darwin is her SECOND husband, not to mention a Beverly Hills Dentist.. Stacy was married to a producer and has a twenty something daughter as well.

    • Homie

      Sorry Truthella but I think YOU might be a FRAUD. I am not saying ALL of
      what you’ve written is untrue but I DO KNOW that there is no no 20-something yr-old daughter (unless that is from her first “supposed”
      husband). A vERY close friend was dating her for a number of years
      throughout that period & he KNOWS he did not have a child with her. Stacy would have had to have been 22yrs old for your story to be accurate & I knew her during that period so…

    • funnybone

      Great article! I wish more bloggers and papers would do their research instead of just reprinting what the press release tells them to! Lying and deceiving never pays. Stacy Francis blew it.

    • Samantha Parsons

      X-Factor isn’t supposed to be used for tired, washed-out, failed professionals. I’m pissed that the show got duped by the likes of Stacy Fancis.

    • Jennifer

      Wow, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the clip of her performance. (All these whack reality shows… way too much and I do not watch). I was thinking all this back story if unnecessary especially when this is about singing. She incriminated herself and put herself out there to be revealed as being untruthful. I wish she would have let the talent she has carry her and not stoop to trying to win people over with lies. Why, you ask? She ended marriage#3 to baby daddy #1 recently. She has made him out to be a not there kind of dad and that is NOT true. Baby #2 is has a different father who may not be active but think how does a story play out when you married and going through a divorce and wam you pop up preggo? She is into Scientology like Tom Cruise hence their linkage. She was a victim of abuse. No one wants to discredit her, but to want to win by spinning and selling your life story as a pitfall of disasters is not accurate. She may not be a mega star but she has accomplished more than what real struggling artist have not. Who can say they were in a female R&B group, made 2 albums, did Broadway, toured, etc. She is even known for being in “Friends and Lovers” Stage play <<< (look it up). But hey if her celeb friends Tisha Campbell Martin, Shaun Robinson & Shari Headley promote her to the top… I guess we will know how much of a non-factor she is on having celeb endorsement and not talent. NEXT!

    • Lady

      I don’t understand why she is not already considered a professional. She has sung with Madonna, Prince, Chaka Khan and even sung for Tom Cruise. She has been on many broadway shows and had 2 albums…check out the link below

    • jimmy hunter

      Stacy Francis is probably broke, because she has too pay for all of the Scientology courses. She has been in Scientology since 2003 here is the link of all of the courses she has taken http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/by-name/s/stacy-francis.html. She is lair just like Scientology one big SCAM.

    • Keepin’ it Real

      You go “Jennifer”!!! My personal opinion… she needs to stick to acting because those waterworks and all the lies were an excellent performance!! Truth be told, she is nothing but lies. She claims to be “doing it all by herself”, NEGATIVE. Not only does she have the full support of her ex-husband, but I would suspect has the support of her 2nd-baby-daddy. That’s right…. the baby girl is NOT by her 3rd husband (someone needs to check into THAT one!). I was sick to my stomach when one of the judges called her ‘Angelic’…. Angelic??? What kind of woman has a baby by someone other than her husband?? Last I checked, that doesn’t fall under the “Angelic” category. And to put a cherry on top of all this, she was on a reality show this summer called “Beverly Hills Fabulous” BRAGGING about being pregnant by a man OTHER THAN her husband…. look it up for yourself! I’m done!

    • MoreTruthNow

      Some of this is true and some truth still hasn’t been told. I saw Stacey on another reality show this past summer called Beverly Hills Fabulous on Vh1 where she openly stated she was pregnant and wanted her hair to look nice for the delivery of the ‘new’ baby, a baby that wasn’t her current husbands kid.
      What a shocker that was for everyone in the salon.
      The guy in the video above is her most recent and 3rd ex-husband who is a dentist and the father of their only son and child together. They were married less than 4 years.
      Her new baby is a girl about 8 or 9 months old by another man (unknown by the masses yet known by many in LA) that she was supposedly involved with while married to husband #3.
      The guy that Stacey talks about in the XFactor audition, that abused her and told her she should stop singing, is husband #1. They were together in her 20′s when she was in New york on broadway. They didn’t have any kids together.
      Husband #2 is unknown and in LA somewhere.
      Great singer yes.
      Well known celeb friends yes.
      Twisting the truth yes.
      Maybe next time just sing instead of ‘saying’ things.
      Like beyonce sings ‘what goes around comes back around’
      Oh well……

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    • Camen Hoton

      The real fact here is that Stacy Francis is pretty much hated on both coasts. She’s a liar, a hater, bitter, a back stabber, a name dropper, a man hating viper and will do and say just about anything for attention and to screw others over. And she has a grown daughter in her twenties that she never even mentions.These are well known facts in the Industry. People in general just don’t want evil screwed up climbers to succeed at anything. Talented or not. She stooped to an all time low when she dragged Whitney Houston’s good name through the mud after her death for a pay check. Let’s face it, she lied. About everything. Not uncommon in Hollywood. It’s more about the fact that she’s trying to play the American Public for fools, idiots and suckers and to get over with her crocodile tears and sob stories for money and fame. Not to worry, everything done in the dark comes to light. And she’s in a dark evil place. She fall hard. And no one will be surprised or give a damn. I never thought I’d feel sorry for Scientologists, but this woman gives them even a worse name.

    • June

      This is the fakest Bitch I’ve ever seen on TV. She’s so hard to look at, let alone listen to. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her big ugly ass sewer mouth. Who’d ever buy anything she recorded?? Who would even go to a concert where she was on stage? She’s what’s wrong with reality tv. She’s what’s wrong with the whole damn world. Lying, cheating, disgusting, evil azz mean bitter girls in women’s bodies desperate for money and fame. I feel most sorry for those kids who have to call her mommy. She’s such a fucked up role model.