Lindsay Lohan Probably Just Avoided A Nude Photo Scandal

Dear guy who found Lindsay Lohan‘s lost phone and returned it to her without stealing any of her photos: What were you thinking?

You found a dead phone at the V Magazine party*, you went home to charge it and discovered that the home screen read “Lindsay Lohan’s Phone,” noted that there were plenty of personal pics on it… and then got in touch with her team to return it. No ransom, no blackmail, no posting naked photos (which we’re sure exist because if LiLo will put topless pics on Twitter, then imagine what juicy stuff is on her personal possession).

Buddy, we need to talk about how you handle celebrities’ things. Because this respect and decency is just not gonna fly. Didn’t you hear about what Lindsay did to that photographer and that waitress at Fashion Week? Don’t you want to see this sad, deep-fried bitch get her comeuppance?

Know that whatever goodwill you feel from doing right by a spoiled brat actress/addict will never match the disappointment we at Crushable feel. You should be ashamed of yourself.

*which was actually the party where the poor waitress got a glass thrown at her

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