Before They Were Famous, These 5 Celebrities Starred on Degrassi

What do The Vampire Diaries, 90210, and Terra Nova have in common? They feature actors who got their start on only the best Canadian teen soap ever, Degrassi: The Next Generation! Some of these actors and rappers (there’s a hint) you’ll recognize from their years in the public eye; others are just getting their big break in upcoming movies and TV shows. But at one point they were just high schoolers playing high schoolers who got shot, had abortions, and did drugs up in Canada.

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    • Christine

      FYI, Declan didn’t “sort of” force Holly J to have sex with him. He did, in fact, FORCE Holly J to have sex with him. This is also known as rape. He raped her, and you admit that you felt “sympathy” for him. So, congratulations on being “sort of” a rape sympathizer, I guess.