Crushable Quoteable: Breaking Dawn Made Taylor Lautner Cry

Taylor Lautner is just a sensitive soul, swimming in a fishbowl, year after year. (Apologies to Pink Floyd). Or, at least he’s sensitive enough to admit he teared up while watching Breaking Dawn. On the red carpet for his new thriller Abduction, Taylor was asked to relay his feelings about the final Twilight installment by Pop Sugar:

“PopSugar: I know you said you had the chance to see Breaking Dawn a couple of times and you promised that it’s going to make fans cry. Does that mean you teared up a little bit?

Taylor Lautner: Oh yes! Yeah, of course. It’s an emotional one. You see the same characters we’ve grown to know and love in a completely different light than you’ve seen them before. I mean, it’s still part of the same franchise, but I mean it’s a completely different movie — and I think that’s going to be exciting for fans to see.”

Abduction comes out this week, where Taylor will star alongside rumored girlfriend Lily Collins and Alfred Molina. We’ll see if, tear-eyed with emotions-on-sleeve and all, Taylor has what it takes to be a leading man in Hollywood.

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