The Real Tragedy of the Salahi Divorce: Michaele’s Dog Rio Died of a Broken Heart

This is animal cruelty, guys. It turns out the biggest victim in the Salahi divorce isn’t Tareq Salahi, who had to find out from TMZ that wife Michaele had left him for Journey‘s guitarist… It’s their dog Rio, who died last night. The Doberman had had heart problems, and after Michaele left, he literally couldn’t get out of bed. Rio loved Michaele and, according to Tareq, felt abandoned.

(That bit is up for debate: I don’t know if animals can catch on after only a few days that their owners are gone. My cat is happy to see me every time I come back to California, and that’s after me being gone for six months.)

Apparently when Tareq gave Rio his heart meds before bed, the dog started yelping and died soon after. Tareq seems genuinely broken up about losing his pet and is of course blaming Michaele for creating all the stress that led to Rio’s untimely end.

At least Tareq has one bit of consolation in all this: Since the Salahis’ prenup has a clause against cheating, Michaele won’t get any of his money from their eight-year marriage and won’t be able to file for spousal support.

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    • k

      There is a bit of a debate here. According to other articles, Tareq had been crying uncontrollably for days after she left. I think dogs can definitely tell when you’re upset and that may have been what stressed the dog out to the point of collapse. So sad!

    • summer

      Dogs bond strongly with their owners and when animals are sick they really do miss the person they are close with. Rio may have also sensed Tareq being devastated….which didn’t help matters. This is really sad..

      The breed may have something to do with it as well..Dobermans are very loyal to one person and depend on them.
      I think it is sad she left when the dog was so sick…I wouldn’t have. I either would have taken the dog with me or stayed with it since it was so..sick. It shows what a selfish person she really must be. Our animals and children don’t ask for much but we should at least take care of , respect them and be there for them when they are ill.