First Look: Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

Did you guys ever watch Dark Shadows? I sure did. Dark Shadows remains, to this very day, the only soap opera that I have ever watched with any sort of regularity. Though it originally aired on ABC before I was born– its heyday was from 1966 to 1971– the Sci-Fi Channel (before it got all hoity-toity and started calling itself SyFy) used to show it regularly when I was a kid. Though part of the draw of the show was that it had been taped live, enabling eagle-eyed viewers to spot actors breaking character and laughing on occasion, its primary sell was its subject matter: It focused on the spooky and the supernatural. And guess what? Spooky and supernatural director Tim Burton is currently in the process of remaking Dark Shadows as a film! Even better, we’ve got first look photos of the film and its star– Johnny Depp, naturally– right here for your viewing pleasure!

Much of Dark Shadows revolves around a vampire named Barnabas Collins, an 18th century vampire who wakes up after one helluva long nap to find himself in the 20th century, so of course Tim Burton would cast his go-to guy, Johnny Depp, in the role. Shooting began in the UK in May; lately, they’ve been hanging out in Devon by the seashore. The Daily What Geek found these four images, as well as the one up at the top of the page:

That whole green and purple ensemble Mr. Depp has going on here is making Barnabas look a tad Joker-esque, but given that it’s for a Tim Burton flick, maybe I shouldn’t be quite so surprised about that. That’s human governess Victoria Winters as played by Australian actress Bella Heathcote next to him, by the way.

I think that’s a crew person adjusting his spats? Maybe?

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    • Andrew Bayuk

      Really looking forward to this movie. After 2 series and 2 full length feature films it will be interesting to see what this team does now with Dark Shadows.


      My song called Barnabas Collins:

    • Christy

      Can’t wait for the movie, but honesty, I think Johnny Depp looks alot like Michael Jackson in these shots!

    • katrina

      I agree. He looks entirely too much like Michael Jackson. What is up with that? Not a good look for our Johnny. He could have done so much better.

    • Leticia

      The coat that Mr. Depp is wearing is a hybrid, a cross between the 1967 Inverness and the 1795 Coachman’s cloak both worn by the original Barnabas in the television series. The color is of dark emerald to jade green and is the exact color of the 1795 full-length cloak worn by Mr. Frid as Barnabas. In the right lighting, the coat seen above will photograph darker. The makeup is a different story…

    • Leticia

      To see how “the first Barnabas Collins”, Jonathan Frid, appeared during a daytime stroll, look at the scenes between 8:13-10:00 on the video below: