You Guys! Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Was at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NY!

What exactly was Farrah Abraham doing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? That, I’m not really sure about. But hey, check out these pictures, courtesy of Starcasm!

Farrah first let us know that she would be coming on September 8 via Twitter:

I believe this tweet decoded means that Farrah started in Miami– presumably for Fashion’s Night Out– then headed to New York. It probably does not that Miami is greater than New York. But maybe it does. You never know.

If we are to continue to believe Twitter, Farrah actually arrived in New York on September 10:

She also took a moment to memorialize 9/11. This is a nice gesture, but I wonder if she realized that it was 9/10 at the time she posted it.

Anyway, ta-da! Farrah has arrived! Here she is, walking down the street in a crazy, furry, red coat. Why exactly is she wearing this crazy, furry, red coat? I don’t know, because it’s 80 degrees in New York right now.

And hey, look! She brought a friend! Her friend is dressed much more sensibly than she is.

And she even took some time out to go shopping:

Baby Sophia was nowhere to be seen, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that she’s in Iowa with Farrah’s parents. (Though given how this season has been going, maybe that’s not as safe an assumption as we once thought…). But back to the original question: What’s Farrah doing here? Starcasm speculated that she was invited to a couple of Fashion Week events. This is probably accurate; she is an occasional model, after all. Furthermore, given that there haven’t been any “OMG TEEN MOM ON THE RUNWAY AT FASHION WEEK!” announcements, Farrah probably hasn’t been here as part of an actual modeling gig. She mentioned earlier this season in Teen Mom that she wanted to put modeling on hold for the time being so she could focus on her daughter and school, so she’s most likely here as a spectator.One of the perks of being a reality star, I suppose!

Anyway, I hope she had fun, though I still want to know why on Earth she’s wearing that huge furry coat in 80-degree weather.

[Via Starcasm]

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