‘Hey ! It’s That Guy!’: The Many Faces of Mark Strong

See this guy? He’s Mark Strong. He’s an actor. You’ve seen him in lots of things; you just may not have recognized him. But don’t worry. We’re here to help. We here at Crushable have sorted out and identified “That Guy” for you so you don’t have to. Because that’s what friends are for.

We also provide you with some background information so you don’t have to look it up: Mark Strong was born Marco Giuseppe Salussolia in London to an Italian father and Austrian mother in 1963. His mother legally changed his name when he was a kid to help him fit in at school. Awww. He speaks fluent German and some Italian, and he originally intended to become a lawyer. We’re glad that he changed tracks, because if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t have had all of these characters to look forward to!

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    • EileenJ

      Great photos of a talented and beautiful man. He was also incredibly handsome with hair and a beard as Hani Salaam in ‘Body of Lies’. I wish he’d do more romantic hero roles. He fits them as well as he does villains.