Cutegreggator: Guys, Help Me Pick A Puppy!

I’m moving at the end of the month and the first thing I’m going to do when I’m in my new place is head down to a shelter and get myself a puppy. (I deserve this, you guys.) I’ve been scouring Petfinder and the only problem is: there are too many wonderful little guys to choose from! So help me pick one, won’t you? Take a look at these delightful creatures and tell me what you think.

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    • Amanda Ernst

      Yay! A friend for Ginger!

    • Roxana Rusowsky

      Wish Moosy could join the party!

    • Abigail

      Be a responsible pet parent and don’t choose based on cuteness factor (even though that’s hard). Choose based on what breed and size will work best for you. Dogs like labs and retrievers are better for families, but need a lot of room and exercise, while terriers are very high energy despite their size, but typically less good with children. Beagles are sweet and loveable, and need less exercise, but they tend to howl and be scared of storms. There are pros and cons to every breed, so pick one that can be your buddy forever, not one that is the cutest now, but that you’ll be bored with next month.

      • rita

        completely agree, i have had a few of these breads and my puppy (he will be 12 in January, but he’ll always be my puppy) Jack Russell still lives at my moms house. no naturally i’d choose cuddles BUT jack russells and other terriers are full of energy until they are like 7 years old and then they calm down. Happy choosing! spend some time with your favorites before making a decision. it will change your (and the dogs) life forever, remember its a big deal!

      • Lisa M.

        So agree on the terriers and high energy thing. I have a Rat Terrier who I adore, and adopted fairly recently. We need to walk at LEAST a mile a day, or else she starts to have behavioral issues because she’s so bored. At least twice a week, we do 2 miles, and I’ve recently started taking her on jogs.

        How did we get paired? I have a friend who volunteers for the rescue, and talked with her about what I was looking for in a dog (small, not crazy energy levels, a little older [she is 2.5 years old]). She knew that I had a lot of experience with dogs, and that the rescue had a Special Needs dog (she is deaf and has a few minor medical issues) whose personality was a good fit. She’s currently cuddled on the couch with me watching the Emmy’s.

    • Meghan Keane

      Mork! Or Camille! Or No Name! Crap. This is hard.

    • danielle j

      Echo the comment on picking a breed. Also, why not look at some of the pups in the 1 – 3 year old range, who are already trained (which is the hardest part) and might have a more difficult time getting adopted. If you are in an apartment, I would say Boston, Pug, Beagle, Chi, Maltese, and Shibu are probably the best breeds. Even an American Staffy can do well in an apartment… I would stay away from labs and retrievers unless you have space

    • Alyssa

      I have to agree with the comments regarding choosing a breed carefully. It’s so important that you pick a breed that’s temperament and energy level will work with your lifestyle and energy level. For example, I know I am a very busy student who does not have the time or energy most days to run around and entertain a high energy dog that requires a lot of exercise. Therefore I have two teacup chihuahuas who, despite the stereotypes, are very chill and are perfectly content curling up with me on the couch for hours on end while I read and write papers late into the night.

      It’s also important to think about whether or not you have the time and energy required to work with and train a puppy. For some, adopting an older dog who is more mellow and has previously been through some behavioral and potty training may be a better option.

      Picking a dog whose temperament and energy level works well with yours is so incredibly important not only for your happiness, but also theirs! So choose your new family member wisely!

    • Jen

      I would say that this decision depends on a number of things.. being a dog owner myself (of a shelter rescue beagle/terrier mix), you should consider:

      how much space do you have for the pup? Are you moving to a new apartment, or to a house that might have some yard space? This will clearly help you determine the size of the dog you should get. You don’t want a big breed who needs lots of space to run around cooped up in an apartment.

      how much time are you going to be able to spend with him/her during the day? If you’re out of the house A LOT (like more than 8 hours), you don’t really want to adopt a puppy (under 6 months to a year old). If there are any older dogs up for adoption, they may be a better fit with a busier schedule because puppies require a ridiculous amount of time, work and attention (wayyy more than people think) for house training and teething etc.

      If you take those two major things into consideration when picking out a pup, I think you’ll be able to find the perfect furry friend for yourself :-) That’s what I did, and I’m so in love with my baby.. he literally is my child.. and probably helped me put off having real children by a good 5-7 years.

      • Jen

        Oh I also forgot to mention.. it’s almost impossible to make this choice simply by looking at pictures online.. You should choose a shelter and just go check it out. See what pups they have, and play with them all!! That way they can feel you out, and you can learn their personalities and see which one best mixes with yours. You’ll be able to feel the attraction :-)

    • gretch

      Camille’s ears are bigger than her head so she get’s high marks…. but cuddles has kind but focused eyes….. when i got my dog she was a wild lunatic but when I picked her up in my arms she calmed down so I felt a connection. It’s things like that that will help you decided once you narrow it down.

    • corissia

      Camille or Wally, based on cuteness alone.