What’s Going On In This Photo Of Ed Westwick From The Gossip Girl Set?

If this photo of Ed Westwick taken on the set of Gossip Girl were part of a caption contest, the winning entry would be “?!?!?” It’s like a still from a Bret Easton Ellis adaptation — deranged billionaire and his dog lose their minds and stare blankly out into the world before going on a killing spree.

Maybe that’s a plotline from the next season of GG? Insane Chuck Bass is something I would definitely watch.

(via CeleBuzz)

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    • Emily

      Awww, it’s looks like he’s in total shock or anger over something the Mini-Blair and Mini-Serena girls just told him. There were also pictures of Blair looking shocked while on her phone and then running off in her high heels.

      Maybe they just learned the same information?

    • Emma

      Killer Chuck Bass is back! OMG thats totally something I want to watch. he is so sexy with those killer looks. I wonder what is in his mind. Could it be making Blair a runaway bride? I am all for it. Bring it on.

    • Lana

      LOL! He does have an American Psycho vibe going on there. A very sexy American Psycho but American Psycho nontheless. lol. I guess that’s kind of Chuck Bass though isn’t it? lol

    • sanaa

      i want to know wth they said to him to make him look so shocked and angry and drop his dog leash!

    • Kate

      I wonder why he is all shocked. He is in a psycho mood and looking very sexy. Love it.

    • JJ

      Ho devastated does my lovely Chuck look? Even the dog looks sad! B looked shocked too? Maybe she had the pregnancy confirmed!

    • MSC

      I love Ed and I can’t wait for Chuck Bass to be back on my screen. I wonder if mini-Blair is telling him to get back with Blair?Let’s hope!

    • aucuneidee

      Interesting to see him filming a scene with mini-Blair and mini-Serena.
      Maybe something happened to Blair and they’re telling him? Anyway,I’m excited to see this scene and the possibiiity of Baby Bass in season five.

    • Sandra

      He looks so sad! :( It’s probably something to do with Blair and her engagement or her pregnancy?

    • Lisa

      I love Ed and Chuck. He looks kind of sad/shocked here (and as always hot lol). I can’t wait to see what Chuck (and Chuck/Blair) are up to this season.

      • donna

        Yes, I love Ed and Chuck Bass too. Amazing character. I’m really curious what is the reason of his reaction like this. Can it be about the baby?

        I’m also exited to see new Chuck&Blair scenes on my screen, especially there is a baby coming on the way. I missed CB so much. I hope we get a lot of scenes with them together. Also, I really liked the idea of Chuck having a dog, preparing for becoming a dad… Too much exitement and 1 week to go. Yay!!

    • dr

      He looks so sad like devastaded. Maked me really curious and he looks great anyway =)