Video: Gerard Depardieu Explains Himself On Anderson Cooper’s New Talk Show

If you’re reading this site right now, you’ve probably already seen Anderson Cooper totally losing his shit over jokes about French actor Gerard Depardieu‘s little airplane urination incident. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go watch it right this instant, because Anderson Cooper’s heavenly peals of laughter will brighten just about anyone’s day. In fact, I just went and re-watched it myself, and it was exactly the afternoon pick-me-up that I needed. Aah.

Now, Anderson Cooper has taken it upon himself to speak to Depardieu directly on his new daytime talk show Anderson, and the results are predictably hilarious. Chatting via video feed from Dublin, where he’s currently filming Asterix, Depardieu is refreshingly amiable, as you can see in the videos. He recounts the tale more or less how his friends originally told the press it went down, and I actually feel a little bit bad for the guy. “I’m not a monster, I’m just a man who has to pee,” he says in his adorbs French accent, and I am inclined to agree.

Depardieu confirms that he saw the Anderson Cooper giggle-gate video, and that he thought it was funny. Then, Cooper reveals that he’s given everyone in the audience a plastic water bottle in case they can’t hold it any longer, and Depardieu shows him his own, much larger water bottle. (“I am an elephant,” he just finished telling Coop.) In addition to this interview, our favorite silver fox also got a spray tan with Snooki, showed us his summer home, and canoodled with his beard Kathy Griffin. I’d say he’s off to a good start.

(You can watch the full interview at Mediaite)

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