Michaele Salahi Tries to Get Attention by Leaving Her Husband for Journey Guitarist Neal Schon

The only explanation we can think of is that Michaele Salahi panicked at Scarlett Johansson‘s nude pics stealing all of today’s headlines and decided to try and grab a few for herself. According to TMZ, the 24-hour drama for the Real Housewives of D.C. stars goes like this:

  • Tareq Salahi panicked and reported Michaele missing when she didn’t go to a hair appointment yesterday and called him from an unfamiliar number.
  • Even when Michaele and the sheriff’s department said she was OK, Tareq was sure she was being held for ransom.
  • Finally, Michaele spilled: She’s been dating Neal Schon, the lead guitarist for Journey, and ran off to be with him.

Mostly we feel sorry for Tareq; even though he went along with all the famewhoring and gatecrashing, no one needs to find out his wife is cheating on him in such a public way. (And with someone from Journey!)

Also — nice try, Michaele, but no one cares about your attempt at getting a national news story. Considering that you also got booted from Celebrity Rehab for not having an addiction, that’s two strikes. And of course, now you seem like even more of a selfish bitch.

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