Video: Joe Jonas Ditches His Innocent Image In Video For ‘Just In Love’

Joe Jonas, of the abstinent-until-marriage Jonases, has just released a music video for his new single Just In Love (his second as a solo artist), and it is way impure. In it, he has a sinful Parisian love affair with French model Angele. They kiss, roll around in bed, take a bath together, and frolic all over the City of Love, with nary a chaperone in sight. Does he think all that beautiful 19th century stonework will hide his actions from the eyes of God? Because it hides nothing, Joe Jonas.

Is this the end of Jonas’ purity ring era? Because that would be all right. After all, he’s 22 now, and I think most reasonable people would agree that it’s okay for a 22-year-old to admit he has seen a vagina, especially when said 22-year-old looks like some kind of dreamy Brazilian soccer player. I mean, come on. And despite all the crazy Spiderman sex he’s implied to be having with his French paramour, I find the clip’s aesthetic to be much classier than anything we’ve seen from him in the past. He’s also gotten himself a nice haircut, and those eyebrows are finally under control. Everything looks different once you’ve become a man!

The song itself is more vintage N’Sync than Serge Gainsbourg, but whatever. So long as Joe Jonas keeps making sexy softcore lovemaking videos like this one, he can sing however he likes.

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