Bono Uses The Glitz And Glamor Of The Toronto Film Festival To Promote Humanitarianism

The Toronto International Film Festival was saturated with all the glitz and glamor we’ve come to expect from A-list events: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie swooped in to promote Brad’s new flick Moneyball and George Clooney stepped out with his new girlfriend, former wrestler Stacy Kiebler. But away from the red carpet, U2 frontman Bono was using the festival’s publicity machine to raise awareness for the humanitarian crisis currently affecting Somalia. Over the past months, an extreme drought and famine has ravaged the Horn of Africa. A legitimate crisis, the famine has affected more than 12.3 million African citizens. Things are particularly devastating in Somalia, where the nation’s problems with terrorism and government dysfunction are preventing aid from reaching the people who need it. Despite the fact that this has been going on for months, news of the crisis is just now popping up on Western radars — thanks in part to the tireless efforts of Bono. Still not content with the degree to which the crisis has been publicized, Bono and Somalian singer K’naan sat down in Toronto for a round table discussion with members of the press. In addition to relaying facts and figures about the famine, Bono also commented on his unique position as a cause-ambassador who can actually command the attention of the entertainment media:

“Celebrity is one of the most ridiculous modern concepts. It takes people who are spoiled, over-regarded and over-rewarded, and it makes heroes of us. It ignores firemen, mothers and nurses – people who are actually heroes. I know it’s ridiculous, but it is currency, and I want to spend mine well.”

Considering how many celebrities use their fame and fortune to get themselves free stuff and attractive dates, it’s nice to hear from a celebrity who is actually interested in getting something accomplished. And considering how much progress Bono has made with the organizations he’s involved with, he’s definitely spending his currency well. The fact that he’s a celebrity willing to call himself spoiled,over-rewarded and over-regarded doesn’t lose him points with us either. Even if those words don’t actually apply to him. (photo via)

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