Gallery: Surprise! Ali Lohan’s First Modeling Gig Is Inappropriately Sexual

The more we find out about 17-year-old Ali Lohan‘s new modeling career, the more disheartened we feel. First there were allegations of plastic surgery and extreme weight loss, and now we see that the fruit of Ali’s labors have added over-sexualization to the list of offenses.Her first job, for the jean brand PRVCY, has her looking all pouty with her midriff bared and her ass in the air. Appropriate behavior from a minor, no?

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    • Meg

      the one photo of her in the jeans/white shirt kind of reminds me of Kate Moss’s CK ads, no?

    • Kelly

      Totally disagree. Give the girl a break. She is 17, not 12. Now those tiara and toddler girls? THAT’S another story!

    • Cara

      Picture #3 reminds me of those old ads with Brooke Shields.

    • Lerl

      Photos are nice, she has a nice body line. She did a good job on her first campaign. By the way, she turns 18 in December.

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    • Ruthie

      I think you’re going a little overboard on the comments about her sexy poses. Most models are young. A lot of the girls on America’s/Canada’s Next Top Model are no older than eighteen or nineteen. The other thing you should be taking into account is that they’re pictures advertising jeans, in order to do that you would have to make her legs and ass the focal point. No one’s going to notice the jeans if she’s just standing straight up and down unless she had nothing interesting on the top or they didn’t show her face. I think you’re being a little judgmental because she’s a celebrity in the first place. I think the photos are lovely and very well done.

    • Max McKenzie

      On one hand you say her shots are inappropriately sexual, then on the other you splash them across the page? The shots aren’t sexual at all. And you guys are being hypocrits.