New Rap Feud? Game Says 50 Cent Is Gay

Game (who you probably remember by his drastically different former name The Game), known for his long-standing feuds with 50 Cent and G-Unit, is baiting a new group: The LGBT community. As part of the larger, pretty misguided statements Game made about closeted gay men spreading HIV, he also did something really bizarre: It seems like he tried to out 50 Cent on Twitter.

As if there isn’t enough drama aimed toward queer people with Chaz Bono‘s inclusion on Dancing with the Stars, Game made a pretty outlandish statement — that closeted gay men are spreading HIV because they’re sleeping with men on the side and “fooling” their women.

One Twitter user, @PURDYBOi1, said that as a gay man he has no problem with what Game said. Many others are mocking him, accusing him of just trying to get attention — after all, this is the first time he’s been in the news for a while.

But let’s look at the 50 Cent part. Interestingly, Game’s comments came from a TMZ question: “What if there were already an established gay rapper in the industry?” His response was, “I think that there are several rappers that are in the closet” — and then a few hours later came his very casual tweet saying that he’s fine with 50 Cent being gay.

Interestingly, Fiddy hasn’t responded on his Twitter yet. What we’re wondering is if Game tossed out that tidbit trying to be helpful and out 50 Cent per what he said in the video, or if it’s just their old feud starting up again. I have to agree with Ology that it’s tough to take any rappers’ comments about sexual orientation seriously because the videos and look is just so homoerotic, what with the shirtless, oiled-up men facing off against each other.

Why can’t these guys just go back to rapping together like old times?

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    • NadineMayMorris

      Game is clearly not particularly bright – which is probably why 50 gave him the boot in the first place. Perhaps he should examine his own sexuality.

    • fred

      Game ya crazy,50 hangs around beautfull ladies

    • Dubs

      So hanging out with pretty ladies makes you not gay? Every gay guy I know LOVES hanging out with hot chicks. So more evidence that 50 may be in fact a homosexual.

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    • kcv

      Not a fan of the Game, but I think his comments were twisted. Seems like he was speaking out against “down low” men who sleep with men, but portray that they are straight and also sleep with women. It is a big problem in the black/hispanic communities because being gay is seen as being “less than a man” in a lot of cultures. The “downlow” epidemic is the leading cause to AIDS/HIV in those communities, but NOT the only cause! I personally knew a young gay guy with full blown AIDS who was sleeping with a married man who KNEW he was positive!

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    • Mongrel hordes

      What a great communicator. I think I’ll wait till he learns how to write full English sentences.

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    • Swom Smith

      The Game saying 50 cent is Gay – 50 Cent Response Interview Here:

    • Abiye

      Game should know how to talk or i will kill him

    • paul

      the game is calling 50 gay game is gay he wish’s he has half the succes that 50 has and to all the game fans your rapper is stuppid and you have a bad taste in music 50 Cent the best rapper alive