• Thu, Sep 8 2011

A Guide to Tom Hardy’s Tattoos

[Update: This post is old. For the latest in cool, funny and WTF celebrity tattoos click here. ]

The mixed martial arts-themed movie Warrior comes out tomorrow, and the best part of the flick promises to be those many minutes star Tom Hardy appears onscreen sans shirt, with all of his tattoos on display. Tom sure does have a lot of ink on that beautiful body of his. Here’s a guide to his tattoos, all of which hold personal meaning for the English actor.

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  • Nuckie

    Tom is just a another victim of the tattoo look this and look that crazyness. I’m on tv! As if any person could not express his/her feelings without ink on their bodies. This is just stupid. And Tom is one of worst cases. Ruining his body for what, not understanding himself?

  • lover of tom

    tom is f-ing fabulous & sexy to no end, there needs to be more movies with him, not just these new outlaw movies he is in. if you hate tom then STFU. -thank you

  • nuckieIsAFool

    people choose to express themselves in different ways. get over yourself.

  • Candida F

    The last one is probably the word scribe with the feather quill… nice one!

  • Shiloh

    The one with the quill looks like it says “Scribe”, which would make sense. Can’t make out the other one.

  • BallSackMcGee

    Wow, that was quiet the in depth guide there.

  • http://twitter.com/CarlaLussini Carla

    padre fiero means fierce father!

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  • Jason Kawasaki

    how come Tom Hardy looks good even without trying? it’s so unfair to guys like me who never look good even when trying hard.

  • YesImBackAgain

    The one with the quill says ‘Skribe’, and yes, with a ‘k’.

  • Casssssssay

    The words under the feather are scribe an apparent tribute to his writer friend Kelly Marcel who wrote the script for Saving Mr. banks and has co-written the new Fifty Shades of Grey Film