Video: Anderson Cooper Rips Kate Gosselin a New One for Freaking Out About Pizza on Kate Plus 8

Everyone in this amazing video from Kate Plus 8 is miscast: Kate Gosselin‘s babysitter Ashley is apparently supposed to know Kate’s bodyguard/boyfriend Steve‘s dietary restrictions (pizza but no mac’n'cheese, for God’s sake!). Steve is clearly unfit to guard the family since he whines when one of the kids passes him his precious piece of pizza without wrapping it in foil. And Anderson Cooper should obviously quit his job at CNN and be a pop culture commentator 24/7.

[CNN via ONTD]

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    • Melody Monahan

      What a Nut Case. Anderson Cooper called her on it. Her true colors were shown. It’s obvious the boyfriend comes before the kid’s. She would drive any one crazy. It’s no surprise the nanny quit. I just watched the 10th birthday special & all I could think was fake fake fake. Mady was still bratty. Nothing worth watching. I have no intention of watching the 2nd episode. Would like to watch the kid’s but can’t stand their mother.