Video: A Promo And Stills From The New Season Of Gossip Girl Are Here

OMFG, you guys. After much unpleasant waiting, the new season of Gossip Girl is finally almost here, and it looks like it might be the most ridiculous one yet. It takes place at least partly in Los Angeles, to which Blair correctly refers as “a plastic surgery layover, not somewhere you live.” In the promo, we see Nate and Chuck being total playboys on some kind of yacht; Serena uttering the catchphrase “he’s Chuck Bass;” Nate fake-admitting to being “that guy from that movie;” Chuck acting as a stuntman; and Nate becoming Elizabeth Hurley‘s boy toy.

Notably absent from this promo are Vanessa and Jenny (R.I.P.), as well as the rest of the Humphrey/Van der Woodsen clan. So basically, only the most fun-to-watch characters get to go to L.A. This is obviously a huge improvement over seasons past, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they found some contrived way to get Dan and his six-pack out west for a bit, too. Of particular interest is the still featuring Dan and Blair; could their unlikely, screwball comedy-esque near-relationship continue into the show’s fifth season?? Dair fans everywhere are holding their breath. (All ten of them.)

In related news, Elizabeth Hurley is 46. Damn, girl.

(Via ONTD)

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    • Sandra

      Looks like a lot of fun for Chuck, Serena and Nate in LA. Ah Blair you look so stressed! You should be relaxing with your friends in LA, not stuck preparing your wedding to boring Louis with the help of boring Dan :( Bring back Chair and the NJBC!

    • Meg

      The CNS stuff looks great! Blair’s story looks boring and Dan looks like he’s a professional stalker. And I love the comment on the 10 Dair fans, so true. Personally,I need Chuck and Blair to just get through an hour of this thing.

    • Kaitlin

      The promo looks pretty ridic but at least Nate, Chuck and Serena seem to be having some fun. Wish Blair was out there. She’d be hilarious reacting to those three. The less seen of Dan the better.

    • Sara

      It looks fun and boring all at once. Fun because it’s nice to see Chuck, Nate and Serena having a good time. Boring because I want to know what’s going on with Chuck and Blair and they aren’t in the premiere.

    • ds

      Less Dan MORE NJBC pls, its so bad Blair is apart from CNS trio :))) I missed Chuck&Blair so much <333

    • Vanillalatte086

      I love you! Just wanted to tell you.

      The promo is great, but I really wish it had Chair in it!

    • Nelly

      Can I just say I’m fucking love you? I’m excited for the next season, at least the LA part of the première. SNC are seriously awesome and having fun together! NY part is boring. that’s waht happens when the writers wanna feed you with contrived stuff and think the viewers are pure idiots!
      Sorry, guys, but you don’t give us enough credit) And of course the promo lacks CB, the only worthy thing on the show.

    • Marry

      GG viewers hate how GG tries to find ways to force Dan down their throats. We hate this screwball Dan Blair comedy. GG is not a comedy show and noone is watching to see comedy. We want real Love story. We want Chuck and Blair. I hate all those Dan Blair promo photos .its disgusting. I hope this show turns back to Chuck and Blair before its too late. Dan is the real reason why GG lost ratings.

    • brooke

      What the hell? So this is the Dan-loves-stalking-Blair-because-he`s-an-arsehole show is it? Where`s chair in all this? I`m a massive chair shipper and I hate the relationship wars. Redeem chuck, get rid of dan and the prince! And if you dair fans think that chucks abusive still, drop it. I bet the gossip girl writers are bored now. Chair are the best, dan can go to hell.

    • Brooke

      This isn`t the Dan-loves-stalking-blair show, and it all just revolves around him stalking Blair. I`m a massive chair supporter and I think this is stupid. Dair is a friendship for gods sake. I`m sick of GG being a relationship comedy show, get rid of dan and the prince and put chuck and blair back like we all do.

    • D

      Yay for CNS spending time together and having fun in LA, but Blair should have been there too. Instead it seems she’s stuck in NYC with bland and boring. Hoping for Chuck and Blair in the premiere, cause apart from the LA stuff, the rest looks like a snoozefest.

    • Katrina

      OMG Nate looks so amazingly hot. I want to lick..oh sorry. In other observations:
      Chuck is equally hot and the CNS crew seem to be having some fun in LA. That’s nice to see. But I miss the relationships that give GG heart. Chuck/Blair and Serena/Blair. Redeem Chuck and set him loose to break up that joke of a wedding. This Dair comedy hour shit has got to go. The second half of S4 was beyond terrible with all the guest stars and forced DB nonsense. Bring the show back to it’s UES roots and the NJBC
      Gotta say I’m more than pleased by the lack of Vanessa and Jenny. At least the writers did one thing right last season.

    • Joanna

      The promo isn’t exactly what I want to watch which is pretty much anything Chuck and Blair related, but at least we get some CNS in LA. Well. their scenes seem both ridiculous and exciting but this is Gossip Girl. I wish Blair were there too though. pretty sure she wishes the same thing. As for Dan, I take a note from Chuck’s book and I don’t think of him. The guy is a major kill-joy and sucks the fun out of everything and everyone. Quite an achievement, his only achievement.

    • Emily

      I wish there was more Chuck and Blair, but I think CNS in LA is a close second. Chuck and Nate look DELICIOUS, and Blair needs to get over there to hang with her besties as soon as possible. That’s all.

    • Lisa

      It does look like the fun and only characters to watch are in LA. I love Blair but she looks to be stuck in boredom ville. It needed more Chuck and Blair.

    • Q.B

      Excited for the LA stuff and anything regarding Chuck Bass.
      Would skip whatever is happening in NY though, really couldn’t care less about Blair’s princess fantasy and Dan….being Dan.
      Hope the next one has some Chuck&Blair

    • Natalie Zutter

      Gossip Girl is filming in Park Slope next week, so I guess we’ll get more of Blair and Dan hanging out in his ‘hood?

    • Jenna

      Less Dan and Blair this seasons, please. That shit was awful, really killed this show for people. I want to see Chuck and Blair not other shitty pairings. Get is right Gossip Girl or watch people quit.