Dress Like Harry Potter. OFFICIALLY.

Nerd confession: When I was in high school, my family inexplicably started getting Museum Replicas Limited catalogs sent to our house. I’m not really sure how or why this happened, but the bottom line is that several times a year, a magical book full of shiny swords and period costumes would appear in our mailbox. Did I read each and every one cover to cover? Of course I did. (What kind of self-respecting nerd would I have been if I hadn’t?) Anyway, eventually Museum Replicas Ltd. started carrying officially licensed products, which meant that uber-nerds could now dress like their favorite Lord of the Rings, 300, and Braveheart characters– OFFICIALLY. With OFFICIAL gear designed from OFFICIAL sources. And this was exciting. Not that I ever bought any of the pieces– cheap, they ain’t– but I enjoyed the fact that if I wanted to, I COULD. And hey, guess what? Now you can dress OFFICIALLY like Harry Potter! Or like Hermione! Or Dumbledore! Or a like whole variety of your favorite characters! Because Museum Replicas Ltd. now carries officially licensed Harry Potter costumes. Now, I know that cheap Halloween costume versions have been available for eons, but trust me: You ain’t seen nothing yet. These pieces are all extremely high quality, so just in case you ever wanted to run around in a Hogwarts uniform, now you can, with no fear of it unraveling if you accidentally snag it on a bush. Because I don’t think there’s a spell for that.

[Via Museum Replicas Limited]

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