• Fri, Sep 2 2011

Here Is a Photo of Jared Leto Peeing


But wait! As it turns out, it’s a photo of Jared Leto peeing in the bathroom of the Chateau Marmont.* So now I see that it’s an important cultural document, taken, of course, by none other than Terry Richardson.

Here’s what’s confusing to me about this. Jared has been wearing these knee-length frocks recently (see: the VMAs), and they definitely cover the area of the organ Jared ostensibly uses to pee. So how is he relieving himself here? Is there a special penis flap in his designer man-dress? Or perhaps during one of his 30-second trips to Mars, Jared learned how to crystalize his urine and release it through other parts of his body.

Sorry again.

*I threw up in that very place once. Sorry I’m wasting that life you worked very hard to give me, Mom and Dad.

(via Terry’s Diary)

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