Video: George Lucas Makes Darth Vader a Wimp in the Rereleased Return of the Jedi

No matter how much of a whiny prettyboy Hayden Christensen made Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels, we could always comfort ourselves with the knowledge that Darth Vader was still the most badass sci-fi villain. No longer!

When it comes to rereleasing the original Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas is like a dissatisfied plastic surgeon: He keeps making tweaks and changes, most of which make the overall movie droop and show its age like a bad boob job. It’s not a huge deal if he replaces puppet Yoda with a CGI version, but when the choices actually change the characters, then we have a problem. Today’s victim: Darth Vader.

Badass News confirms that this is real: In Return of the Jedi when the Emperor is torturing Luke with lightning bolts, now Vader says, “No!” before he picks up the Emperor and throws him down the power shaft to his death.

If it were any other word, it wouldn’t be bad, but the most laughable part of Revenge of the Sith (the third of the awful prequels) is when Vader first gets his scary black suit and is mortified at his inhuman appearance — yelling, you guessed, it “NOOOOOO!” Its ridiculousness earned it a spot among Internet memes; see below.

What made Vader’s decision to betray his master so cool was that he didn’t show any reaction until he surprised everyone by switching back to the light side of the Force. And now that we’ve seen the prequels, we know how much of a mentor the Emperor actually was to Vader. We didn’t need this lame add-on!

Basically, Vader is now a pussy.

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    • lethargic

      Just found this clip on youtube with even MORE changes to the Jedi ending.


    • Shirley

      Will you guys get off your Moma’s teet and grow up all ready? Geez…they were ALL great movies and I’d rather watch them a million times over than see most of the trash Hollywood is putting out now days. Who cares about the changes or whatever, only you babies…geez…..