Video: Don Cheadle Is a Badass, Eco-Terrorist Captain Planet

Until the live-action Captain Planet actually gets cast, Funny Or Die’s made a pretty wickedly funny placeholder: The Planeteers, in amazingly accurate costumes, call up Captain Planet (Don Cheadle) to get rid of the bad guys polluting the Earth, but Cap gets drunk on power and goes eco-terrorist on any person who so much as snaps a twig.

Although they’re not as good as our dream cast, FOD’s choices for the Planeteers are still pretty inspired. That’s Community‘s Gillian Jacobs playing Soviet beauty Linka, and pregnant Disney star Brenda Song as Gi — both with ’90s-stereotype accents. And whoever made the costumes for this skit paid close attention to the Planeteers’ outfits and awful hairstyles. Kwame’s afro is scarily accurate.

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