Can This Dexter-Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Be Real?

Seriously — everything about this faux-ice cream flavor is begging Ben & Jerry’s to investigate licensing fees immediately. The key lime pie base (it’s underused, you guys), the chocolate pieces (especially since some of B&J’s best flavors involve chocolate cows and fish), and the killer (heh) art.

But until Dexter joins the ranks of Jimmy Fallon‘s Late Night Snack and other entertainment-inspired ice creams, we can stare longingly at this design made by illustrator/graphic designer Jon Defreest. He created Miami Slice for Vulture, but you can check out his other pop culture ice creams on his official site. We’re also kinda in love with his Star Wars-themed Carbonite Crunch.

And yes, this is the same man responsible for Ron Swanson’s All the Bacon and Eggs You Have ice cream.

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    • Mel

      Aw, I was at the Ben & Jerry’s in Cape May NJ & I asked the lady working there if she had heard of this flavor. She said no. Darn, I thought it was real :/ I <3 Dexter…and Ben & Jerry's.

    • Jenny

      I don’t like ice cream but I would totally buy this just to have it! That’s not cool that it’s not real!! :-(

    • Q.S.H

      This would be awesome!