Parting Tweet: Why Is Lindsay Lohan Using Twitter to Hit on Chris Brown?

I’m honestly a bit baffled by Lindsay Lohan‘s Twitter missive requesting a meet-up with Chris Brown. What could possibly compel a person to want a relationship with someone who physically assaulted his girlfriend so badly her eyes were swollen shut, then never so much as hinted at feeling remorse? It seems just about everything Chris has ever done — from the Rihanna incident to smashing the windows of the Good Morning America studios to his general whiny opinion that he’s been victimized by the media — has been a giant red flag embroidered with the words “DO NOT DATE.”

Furthermore, as Jennifer Wright at The Gloss asked, “When did it become okay for Chris Brown to have a career again?” By allowing him to perform at the VMAs, a tacit endorsement of his career, MTV basically agreed to shove Chris’ history of physical assault under the carpet. And that’s appalling. Giving the okay for an abusive man with rage issues to promote himself in front of millions of viewers (in angelic white, at that) has real and dangerous implications, and MTV’s actions are nothing short of irresponsible. Was the network always surrounded by such callousness? As an answer to that, here’s Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys at the 1999 VMAs, making a plea to musicians and promoters to do something about violence and sexual assault against women:

Chris hasn’t yet responded to Lindsay’s tweet. Maybe he just knows what’s best for her.

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    • Lol

      Lol when will you bloggers realize your bullshit is not reality. Get over it cause Chris Brown isn’t going no where. People like you are only making people like him more by writing these silly articles. Almost 4 years have passed, he doesn’t owe you anything. You don’t like him but love to stress over him. You just love attention and clearly know how to get it.

    • B Eazy

      Really!!!! Showed little to no remorse!!!! Really??? You my friend are insane. I had to listen to one of my fav. Singers sing apology after apology after apology. Not to mention the countless interviews….not to mention the fact that rihanna went back to him after he apologized. She said he kept apologizing to it annoyed her. That’s the guy that has shown little remorse. Just cause you stand for an issue doesn’t mean you can distort the facts. I have a long list of celebrities that shouldn’t have a career by your standards, probably some of your faves. And lastly, your talking bout womens rights but all I see at the bottom of your site is half naked and tightly dressed women. Disgrace!

    • think!

      Exactly, Instead of you people helping young kids thats lost their way to get back on track, you shameless ignoramus constantly try to derail them.

      So your policy is, DESTROY THE KIDS THAT DID WRONG! wow! how cold are you that you can’t even show mercy on children?! that you kept attacking the once thats already repented.

      Not to sound arogant Mr Bloger but, when will you focus on the good in this boy and stop re-intruducing the errors in his past. atleast he managed to be good up to 18 years old don’t that count for anything? in a country where kids are hardly in school and gun crime everywhere.

    • Lulu

      Should we have waited for the ppl who ‘know better’ to tell us its time we forgave Chris? We are not the same. If you choose to hold grudges or define ppl only based on their mistakes I suggest you try become a better person.

    • B Eazy

      And I love how the consistent screw up is the victim in this “imaginary scenario” and the guy that made the mistake once is the villian. GTFOH

    • Helen

      Go for it Fist Brown, you will make a beautiful corpse. Do not mess with Italians.

    • I Hurt I Am In Fashion

      Fashion Meets Finance, after the crisis.

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