Hot Shot: Alexander Skarsgard Cleaned Up for BlackBook

Alexander Skarsgard landed the cover of BlackBook this month, and he’s looking mighty dapper in a tuxedo. The actor, who just wrapped a season of True Blood and will next appear in the Straw Dogs remake, discussed the violent roles he’s often tapped to play. People? We’re just like animals:

“Humans are animals. And like other animals we struggle between instinct and rationality. Of course I believe we’ve evolved, but I think it’d be naïve to claim we’re nothing like the rest of the animals with whom we share the planet. At the end of the day, we’re nothing but frappuccino-sipping savages.”

Frappuccino Sipping Savages? That’s a good band name. And now, here’s a photo of an Alex Skarsgard pillow from the BlackBook offices:

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