Conspiracy Theory: Bravo Will Start Off Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with the Russell Armstrong Suicide Special

How ironic: Yesterday we commented that Bravo was being really uneven and confusing in whether it would air season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Russell Armstrong‘s suicide — and yet the network was apparently filming a suicide special with most of the cast yesterday. Everyone except Taylor Armstrong filmed an unstructured response to the tragedy… and we think that that’s what we’ll see next Monday.

The only way for Bravo to salvage the situation is to immediately acknowledge the elephant in the room. The LA Times reports that Kyle and Kim Richards, Camille Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump, and Adrienne Maloof were told to just sit down and talk about what happened; the network didn’t give them specific instructions as to how to react. (That we doubt, but we believe the “unstructured” part.)

The first episode of the new season (set to premiere on September 5) is titled “Group Therapy,” and I’m pretty sure that information was just added to Wikipedia in the last few days. (I couldn’t tell even when I logged in, but I know for a fact that the second two episodes, “Blame It on the Attitude” and “Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows,” were added as of yesterday.) The title perfectly fits the Times’ description of the special. It also makes sense that Taylor would be absent, as the network would give her a little more privacy before the footage from a few months ago is aired.

It’s not clear if Bravo has entirely deleted that footage, or if it’ll be aired with the reminder that it represents the last few months and not now.

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