• Tue, Aug 30 2011

Celebrity Lookalikes: The Guy From Smashmouth Is the Guy From ICP Is Guy Fieri

What do you get when you cross a violent rapper of a clown with an insufferable Food Network star? The guy who wrote “All Star,” apparently. Steve Harwell of Smashmouth was actually in a rap group before founding his pop band, so maybe he really is a secret member of the Insane Clown Posse.

As for Guy Fieri? We’d pay good money to see a cooking show where he has to freestyle his recipe.


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  • Kotton Kandy Lette

    Steve Harwell of Smashmouth , is so not Violent J from ICP , I’ve meet Violent J in pearson at the gathering of the juggalo’s without make up and their is really not even a comparision .

    • Kotton Kandy Klansman

      you’ve meet? in pearson? juggalo’s? their is? comparision?


  • Not A Retard

    I can tell youre an ICP fan by spelling person “pearson”.

    • You’re…

      The irony is strong with this one