Before They Were in The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson and Leven Rambin Did a Bloody Photo Shoot Together

When The Hunger Games hits theaters in March 2012, Leven Rambin and Josh Hutcherson will play mortal enemies Glimmer and Peeta, forced to fight to the death while millions of people watch as entertainment. But back in 2010, the only thing they had in common was that they were both doing a knife-licking shoot for photographer Tyler Shields.

Thanks to all the recent Hunger Games hubbub, this photo of Josh and Leven drenched in blood and getting friendly with a fake knife has resurfaced on Tumblr. It’s funny to see how Hollywood can sometimes be a small world, considering that when this was shot a year ago, Suzanne Collins hadn’t even released the third Hunger Games book and no one beyond YA readers knew what the series was.

Tyler had worked with Leven before in 2009, but we believe this was his first time featuring Josh Hutcherson — though he’s since worked with the actor again, most recently in June. It’s funny; commenters have said that Josh, who got the brunt of the fake blood, resembles anyone from Christian Bale in American Psycho to Rider Strong circa Boy Meets World.

There’s a brief period in The Hunger Games where Glimmer and Peeta cross paths — I won’t say any more for people who haven’t read the books, but it’ll be fun to see Leven and Josh reunited two years after this photo was taken.

Back in 2010, Tyler described the photo as part of a new series — we wonder if the recent pics of a bloody Lindsay Lohan also wielding a knife are part of the same collection?

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