Maroon 5′s Adam Levine Is A Huge Hypocrite

The lyrically brilliant artiste who brought us “Moves Like Jagger” and appears on edgy, non-commercial public access television program The Voice has drawn a line in the sand with regards to MTV’s Video Music Awards. This past Saturday, he posted a well-reasoned statement of objection via that most intellectual of avenues, his twitter account:

In which sand is he drawing that line? Is it located near the Hollywood Hills mansion he purchased in 2005 for three million of the many dollars he’s made off of being a famous musician people watch on MTV?

The station responded just a few minutes later with this pithy tweet:

Snaps! And yet, he persisted with these cutting retorts:

So raw and honest, that Adam Levine. Which important cause will he take on next? Celebrities who think they can flout the law just because they’re celebrities? The excessive pompadourification of our nation’s youth? Or perhaps America’s over-consumption of oil? He always keeps us guessing, that one.

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    • Gamgee

      I actually don’t have a problem with Adam Levine’s opinion.

    • -The-Truth-

      Well Adam Levine is kinda right… it’s like their giving awards like there’s no meaning. Britney Spears win a lifetime achievements awards…euh remind me how olds she is again?! 29!! she 29 and she wins a lifetime achievements awards what the hell?! are you kidding me?!

    • Mary

      I’m 100 % AGREE with this ARTICLE.

    • Cuznit76

      I think he has a right to his opinion. And he’s not bashing the fans. MTV has changed alot in the 25 or so years I’ve been watchin and alot of exposure is given now via radio and internet, not so much MTV anymore. They have what, about 2-3 hrs of videos a day. Its free speech and it doesn’t make him a hypocrite.

    • Joe

      I think its a little harsh to say that he got rich off MTV since we all know MTV doesn’t actually play music anymore since they came up with that “Real World” trainwreck and that obnoxious TRL. Anyway, he’s right. These VMA’s are only a cash cow and great bands who play great music fall by the wayside so that yet another rap “artist” can sample an 80′s song. Frankly I’m surprised that the highly talented Adele is getting any play at all since the industry seems to be so vapid and shallow one would think for sure that a heavyset white girl wouldn’t even be played but I digress. The state of pop music these days is nonexistent. Countless auto-tuned “singers” are regurgitated into our ears from all sides deafening us to the point that when truly good, lyrically competent artists come along nobody knows what to do.

      • -The-Truth-

        you are totally right!!!

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    • trish

      hate it when celebrities get away with not paying a ticket when us middle class end up paying $169 for holding our cell while driving. not fair. adam should have paid his dues. with all his opinions about being true to yourself, he made a mistake that’s supposed to get him a parking ticket, “OWN IT’.

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