Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Were So Awkward at the MTV VMAs Preshow

Selena Gomez was trying so hard to be a professional host on the VMAs preshow’s black carpet, but boyfriend Justin Bieber kept messing her up. First they had a weird, giggle-filled conversation about Justin’s snake named Johnson (um, double entendre much?); then, when she tried to get out of the uncomfortable joke, he dove in for an awkward kiss.

Selena plays it off, but if you watch this .gif over and over, you can see there’s nothing playful in how she shoves him away. This is almost exactly the same as their awkwardness at the MMVAs over two months ago: Selena is trying to keep things professional, and Justin (who we have to remember is only 17) is dicking around.

If they’ve got such different expectations of how to act at awards shows, they may not stay together much longer — or at least, they won’t present together.

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