• Sun, Aug 28 2011

Gallery: Celebs vs. the Paparazzi

Not being famous, perhaps I wouldn’t know this, but to my way of thinking, the absolute worst thing about being famous has got to be dealing with the paparazzi. Sure, when you live a public life, photographers are always going to be an issue, but I still feel bad for actors, musicians, artists, etc. who get hounded all the time for no other reason than that they happen to make a living in the entertainment industry. But celebs aren’t always victims; occasionally, they fight back! Sometimes the attacks more warranted than others, but either way, they make for interesting tabloid fodder. Actually, here’s a question for you: If a celeb is busy attacking a photographer snapping pictures of the celebrity’s everyday life, what does that make the photographer who’s snapping pictures of the incident? Food for thought…

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